A Little About Me

Photo by Paige Bartos Photography

Photo by Paige Bartos Photography


Hey! I’m the lady behind the lens.

I’m Kara. I could be the most extroverted introvert you’ve ever met. I’m pretty dorky. I love people, kids, pets, and taking photos of all of the above. I have a growing library of awesome dad jokes. I get pretty excited about life. And taking photos. I can be pretty easygoing, and we will have fun together, and I will probably love you forever, in the least creepy way possible. I smile big, cheesy smiles while I edit and review photos because my clients are amazing <3

Casper KIds Web-3754.jpg

These are my kids, aka my crazies. Being a mom is my greatest joy and my greatest challenge. They are seriously some of the coolest people I know, and I should probably put this photo somewhere so I can remember that when I want to lock myself in the pantry with a package of oreos…

1 week-7567.jpg

And this dreamboat is my husband <3 He’s the best. He is never critical and is my greatest support. He makes me laugh, is honest, and is always striving to become his best self, which makes me want to be my best self. And that is a recipe for success. He’s also a total stud, and still makes my heart flutter <3